What if you could feel the effects of Delta 9 THC?

Exclusively available at Nano Hemp Tech Labs, Nano Hemp D9 is the best water soluble D9 on the planet. Handcrafted from scratch by award-winning chefs, this powder is ideal for the savvy consumer. Get fast acting THC (five to ten minutes), predictable offset effects (four to six hours), and the world's most bioavailable delta 9 THC (D9). Make your favorite drink even healthier with our water-soluble D9 powder.

Give your recipes a boost with our baking, cooking, and artisanal edibles. We have created a flavorless D9 powder that blends seamlessly with freshly roasted coffee, espresso, artisan chocolate, baked goods, desserts, molten gastronomy, and more. It has taken Nano Hemp Tech Labs eight years to master cannabis pharmacokinetics, making the world's best water-soluble D9 powder.

Delta9 THC Water Solubility: How do you make it?

Nano Hemp Tech Labs produces hemp emulsions that are water soluble. Once dry, the resulting liquid emulsions are spray dried to produce a D9 powder. Contact one of the owners or representatives at 281-541-0047 or 281-531-7500 for more information about Delta-9 THC water soluble.

Is it safe to consume Water Soluble D9 Powder?

Based on our bioavailability research (AUC), Nano Hemp Tech Labs suggests consuming water soluble D9 powder in your favorite beverage or mock tail before eating a high fat meal. Autophagy can be promoted by intermittent fasting.

How long does Water Soluble D9 take to start working?

D9 powder from Nano Hemp Tech Labs begins to work within 5-10 minutes (Fast Acting). You may have different results depending on your feasting or fasting habits, metabolism, genetics, etc. This hemp derived nano cbd product will surprise your senses as some of our formulas will "hit" in 30 seconds.

How does Water Soluble Delta 9 affect the offset effect?

The effects of oral consumption of Nano Hemp Tech Lab's D9 powder will occur between one and two hours after consumption. Within 30 minutes, the peak is reached, and it slowly dissipates.

Do you use a specific type of Extract for Nano Water Soluble?

Delta 9 THC powder is produced by Nano Hemp Tech Labs with high purity. A range of hemp-derived distillates, live rosin, isolates, live resin, badder, distillates, and/or shatter are used. Spray drying is used to convert hemp extracts into a powder that is soluble in water.

Depending on the formulation, D9 powder may contain various cannabinoids, terpenes, or flavonoids. Together, our team has over 25 years of experience and work with government nano contractors.

What is your method for growing hemp?

In our water-soluble powders, Nano Hemp Tech Labs utilizes high quality hemp genetics, biodynamic greenhouse farming, sun grown hemp, and designer extracts. This allows for the highest quality nano powder that can be formulated for premium finished products. Our shelf life for powder is around 12-18 months and is 100% from hemp plant materials.

Can Labs Purchase Bulk Wholesale Kilos of Nano Cannabinoids?

Yes we offer bulk kilos and they are typically around 20% potency. Our current Nano portfolio includes Nano Bulk CBD, Nano Delta-8 THC, Nano Hemp Derived Delta9 THC powder, Nano HHC, Nano CBD (full spectrum: CBD + hdi D9), Nano CBG isolates. Please inquire for exotic minor cannabinoid nano technology. Contact a sales rep today to get your brand or lab upgraded and feel the power of NANO TODAY!

Dillon Worley 281.531.7500 | Dalton Worley 281.541.0047

Andrew Wyatt 281.798.4127 | Lionell Campbell 832.610.5385

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Cannabinoid Nano Technology combines the power of cannabis AND hemp with the convenience of nanoparticles. These tiny particles are water-soluble and can travel through the body to achieve their desired effects. This technology can provide consumers with an alternative to smoking, while removing the health risks that come with it. Read on to learn more about this revolutionary new technology at Nano Hemp Tech Labs.

Cannabinoid nano technology can help you take your daily cannabis in a more convenient and healthy way. Nano cbd liquid and nano cbd dissolvable powder are available in bulk form.

What are CBD Nano Particles?

CBD nanoparticles contain micelles that trap the substance inside. Micelles are far more effective at this than liposomes, which are the preferred form for pharmaceutical companies. CBD nanoparticles are 50 to 90 percent more bioavailable than their nonmodified counterparts.

The nanoparticles' water-soluble nature allows them to be surrounded by Lipid carriers. This increases their ability to activate in the cell membrane and liver. In addition to that, we have mastered nano and allow the particles to travel to the lower intestine to get digested.

Research Shines Light on the Future of Nano Technology for the Cannabinoid and Cannabis Industries

Research on cannabinoid nanoemulsions has produced promising results. These nanoparticles effectively deliver the desired drug across the BBB and limit opsonization. They have also shown excellent efficacy in preclinical studies.

Further, cannabinoid nanoparticles have been shown to enhance bioavailability and drug incorporation. They may even become an essential part of clinical trials.

Growing Popularity of CBD Powder Water Soluble due to Fast Activation Times

The growing acceptance of cannabis & hemp has raised questions about the safety and effectiveness of cannabinoid products. Nano-technology has overcome many challenges associated with drug delivery in the medical field. This technology will allow researchers to more effectively formulate and deliver cannabis products. It can also improve diagnosis and reduce healthcare costs.

When applied correctly, Cannabinoid Nanotechnology can help patients feel better and live longer. So, what are you waiting for? Take a deep dive into the future of cannabis and nano-medicine.

Science behind Water Soluble Cannabinoids

This technology involves breaking down a large oil droplet into tiny particles, which enhances the absorption rate of cannabinoids. However, the process may become unstable if there are too many destabilizing factors. The resulting product may not be bioavailable, which results in cloudiness and separate layers of oil. It is important to note that contaminants can enter the cannabis nanoemulsion.

CBD or Nano Cannabidiol (Water technology) is the FUTURE

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is an important part of the CBD industry. Many people are just now realizing that oil-based products are not bioavailable to them. And this is driving manufacturers to look at the science behind fast activating Cannabinoid Nano Technology.

By breaking the molecules into tiny nanoparticles, CBD is more readily absorbed in the body. CBD Nanotechnology promises to make this industry even more promising. Our Delta 8 tarts are the quickest way to get “high”, without inhaling, and can be found here.

Nano CBD Isolate Nanometer Size: Is it Macro, Micro or Nano?

Cannabinoid Nano Technology is transforming the cannabis industry into a viable industry. Nanotechnology encompasses several processes, including macro emulsions and microemulsions. Microemulsions are widely deployed in the chemical and pesticide industries, while nanoemulsions are relatively new. Many broad spectrum cbd oil products are macroemulsions using cheap technology of a sonicator.

They have extremely small particle sizes, ranging from twenty to 200 nanometers. Nanoemulsions can be added to beverages and food products to increase their solubility and absorption.

Nano CBD Gummies are Highly Bioavailable

Cannabinoids in the form of edibles are highly bioavailable and can begin working within 15 to 20 minutes of consumption. Nano-THC edibles are also water-soluble, allowing the cannabinoids to enter the bloodstream faster.

This is an especially attractive feature for consumers looking for an alternative to traditional marijuana products. The benefits of nano products are undisputed. There's no better time than now to try them out.

Order Bulk Kilos of Nano CBD, Nano Delta 8, Nano HHC, Nano hdi Delta 9, Nano Full Spectrum CBD

All of our powder and liquid emulsions can be found online at Nanohemptechlabs.com or dsquaredworldwide.com. Some popular use cases for our soluble CBD powder are nano enhanced cannabis beverages or hemp beverages. Cannabis brands have turned to HDI Delta 9 THC due to the legality surrounding the material.

All of our powder is tested for purity and "CBD" particles. Hot or Cold applications are welcomed as long as federally legal under 0.3 THC. Broad spectrum or Nano CBD products with 0% THC are available. Hemp Extracts are not derived from the cannabis plant and have not been evaluated by the FDA.

However, at Nano Hemp Tech Labs, we strive to maintain quality and consistency in line with future FDA regulations. In other words, we follow best practices and always lab test all nano cbd oil or liquid emulsions.

Where to buy Lab Tested Nano CBD (Water Soluble)

Please contact Dillon at 281.531.7500, Andrew 281.798.4127, Dalton 281.541.0047 or Lionell 832.610.5285 for your needs. We also offer all skus at DSWW as a white or private label nano product idea!

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What is Nano Water Soluble CBD? Nano Water Soluble CBD is 20% water soluble, and it has a 10x greater absorption rate than regular CBD. It can be shipped within 24 hours. Nano Water Soluble CBD is for everyone looking for fast absorption.

There are many reasons to choose this form of CBD, including its bioavailability, taste, and potency. Continue reading to find out more.

Nano-Emulsions from Nano Hemp Tech Labs

Using high-quality nano emulsions for water-soluble CBD offers several benefits, including enhanced bioavailability. The process can be sterile-filtered to remove microbial contamination, and can ensure permanent stability. To ensure the best possible therapeutic results, nano emulsions must be made using optimized carrier oil and properly adjusted ultrasonic exposure parameters. Nano-emulsions can be created using the easy-to-use NanoStabilizer(r)-LT.


If you're interested in learning more about nanotechnology and bioavailability, you've probably heard about the "first-pass metabolism," which reduces the concentration of a compound before it reaches the bloodstream. This decreases the bioavailability of CBD when consumed orally. This process occurs in the digestive tract, where enzymes, acids, and stomach muscles break down food, removing the beneficial substances. Bioavailability refers to the amount of a substance that survives this process and is then transported to the bloodstream by the liver.

Nano CBD Potency

While CBD is naturally water soluble, it can be made into a liquid form by breaking it down into nano-sized particles. These particles dissolve quickly in water and then go to work in the body. CBD is absorbed faster and has a greater potency when mixed with water. Furthermore, nano-sized CBD particles do not latch on to fat, making absorption even faster.

The result is that your daily dose of CBD will go further. Batches typically come in at 20% potency. This is due to the optimal amount of bioavailability and researched backed science of our nano team. Many users love using nano compared to CBD oils because you need less. Use multiple products for a nano "entourage effect."

Taste: A tasteless Nano Hemp Extract Profile

While CBD is not completely water soluble, the technology used to make it that way has many benefits. CBD in water is more readily absorbed by the body, as the human body contains over 60% water. Water makes up nearly 90% of the blood and cells, and when CBD is water soluble, it can more easily enter and stay in the body. This is a major benefit because CBD that isn't water soluble is harder for the body to process.

THC FREE: EU Compliant Nano CBD Powder

The first and most important advantage of THC-free, water-soluble CBD is that it is completely non-toxic and is safe to consume. This type of CBD is water-soluble, which means it will dissolve in water quickly and easily, making it easier to absorb. The benefits of CBD can be felt immediately because the cannabinoids are dissolved directly into the bloodstream. Another benefit of CBD water-soluble products is that they are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, which makes them more effective.

D Squared Worldwide Products are Powered by Nano Technology

If you're looking for an all-natural CBD supplement, look no further than D Squared Worldwide almost every sku is powered by our amazing Nano Technology. This firm specializes in manufacturing nano-scale CBD products that are water-soluble and easy to use. Very few items contain broad spectrum nano CBD oil.

Customers can save 20% on their order with a discount code as well (look at top of site for code). These products are available in a wide variety of options and utilize Tru-Nano Technology!

Nano Technology is not intended to prevent any disease, treat cure or prevent any health risks.

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